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The Super App of Pakistan

BYKEA is an all in one app for transportation, logistics and cash on delivery payments. Our services help move people, parcels and payments efficiently, saving time and money.

The #1 Hyperlocal Marketplace

2 Million+ App Users
50 Million Kilometers Served

Why Bykea


Cost Efficient

We help people, parcels and payments get to a destination in the most cost-efficient way.



At a click of a button, a BYKEA will be at your location.



Partners are licensed, tracked via GPS and the entire trip is insured.


Improving Lives

We're creating opportunities for millions to use the power of connectivity to save time and money.

We’re Solving a Real Problem

We operate in geographies where people are not rich. Car bookings are expensive and we bring affordable ride hailing and parcel booking to the masses.

Leveraging existing assets

Motorbikes and smartphones have till date been used for personal needs. By leveraging technology, we are allowing our partners to earn using the two most valuable assets they own.


People who do not have a smartphone can book a BYKEA by calling our call centre. A customer services representative connects them to the closest available BYKEA.


BYKEA solves the hassle of hailing a ride or shipping a parcel. All you need to do now is tap one button.


In congested metropolises, BYKEA saves time.

Transparent pricing

In geographies where often metered pricing is ignored, BYKEA ensures that customers get a clear itemized price.


BYKEA offers complete peace of mind when it comes to safety. As a passenger your commute is always insured. Similarly, as a shipper your merchandise on delivery is also always insured.


By developing an ecosystem of ratings by both customers and driver partners, BYKEA promotes a meritocracy. Customers can rate driver partners on safety, hygiene, behaviour and many more attributes. A helmet is offered to each passenger and a driver partner is promoted to serve best to remain in the ecosystem.

Customer support

On any booking, a customer can call their driver partner directly or Bykea’s customer service for assistance 7 days a week.

Creating jobs

Creating income opportunities for thousands in countries where there are millions of motorcycles.

Easy payments

Paying cash for each booking and allowing customers to top up an in-app wallet allows Bykea to be used by all, not a select few.


On any booking on Bykea, customers can track the estimated time of arrival of a driver partner and locate his precise GPS location at all times within the app.


All the vehicles are inspected to ensure customers get the safest experience.