Behind Bykea

Bykea is a hyper-local marketplace running on a network of motorcycles. We are a group of hard workers growing to become experts of the transport, logistics, and financial industry. We thrive to build a company which will leave behind an impact and a legacy in Pakistan.

People behind Bykea

Core Team

Muneeb Maayr
Muneeb Maayr is Founder at Bykea, the largest network of motorbikes serving on-demand transport, logistics and payment services in Pakistan. Muneeb graduated from the University of Virginia to work in investment banking at Bear Stearns in New York City right after college. He then led a 600 person back office for SNL Financial in Islamabad, a business acquired by Standard & Poors. Prior to Bykea, Muneeb was Co-Founder and CEO at, Pakistan's leading ecommerce platform, acquired by Alibaba Group.
Rafiq Malik
Chief Operating Officer
Rafiq Malik is currently the Co-founder and COO of Bykea, was formerly the COO at TNT Logistics Pakistan a subsidiary of one of the largest logistics networks in the world. With 15 years of progressive accomplishments in supply chain operations management, transport planning & technology as well as extensive cross-functional expertise in warehousing, transportation, logistics, distribution, courier services, ride hailing and digital platforms, Rafiq Malik is a crucial part of the team and has contributed significantly to the success of Bykea.
Abdul Mannan
Tech & Growth
One of the most valued assets in our company is the skill to develop tech. The way the app works is what dictates the experience we want our customers to have. Abdul Mannan, a veteran in the software development industry, is responsible for technology advancement.
Raza Afzal
Head of Marketing
Raza Afzal is key member of our team heading the North Islamabad operations. His experience in operational services helps us innovate more.
Abbas Shahid
VP Network Expansion - Central
Heading our Lahore operations, Abbas Shahid joined our team from Uber Moto. His expertise in Marketing aids in us spreading our messaging to the right people at the right time.
Muhammad Usman Chaudhary
VP Network Expansion - North
Usman is leading north as VP Expansions. He brings with him 14 years of executive & senior management experience, primarily in the field of telecom and technology prior to this move. He comes with a multidimensional exposure of handling mainstream commercial operations, business expansions, outsourcing, mobile financial services and e-commerce operations. Usman loves to engage with team, empower them and build a culture of openness, trust and performance.
Fawad Uz Zafar Khan
VP Network Expansion - South


The vision of Bykea is to create opportunities for average Pakistani’s to offer their services and to connect with their communities to create communication, business opportunities, and service opportunities. Bykea is the platform that connects everyone together.

Muneeb Maayr

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