Helping create economic opportunities in emerging economies

Bykea is helping create commercial activity by solving some of the most pressing needs of society.


We offer affordability to the ones who need it the most. There is no cheaper option than motorcycles for commute and delivery and we work with our driver partners to offer the best fares for both the customers and the driver partners.

Creating jobs

Bykea only requires that a driver partner have a motorbike, a driver’s license and a smartphone to enable himself to earn at least two to three times the average wage in their country.

Tickets at doorstep

Advance ticket purchases for flights, trains or buses or community events is possible with a Bykea bringing the tickets to customer doorsteps with the ability to pay via cash.

Extension of routes

Bykea allows driver partners to connect with customers who would otherwise be stranded or hassled with walking miles to get access to transport. Whether a customer is an inner city region where larger vehicles have restricted access or in areas where paved roads do not exist, Bykea helps solve transport for those that need it most.

Reducing Urbanization

By taking a bus or train to a city and using a Bykea to get to and from work, our customers can continue to live outside a major city reducing urban load. We are indirectly helping cities reduce the burden of un-employed household members in an urban community and the associated costs of supporting them free water and sewers.

Extending public transport

By adding point to point connectivity, Bykea helps extend local metro bus or train nodes so people can get from their home to a transport hub or from a transport hub to work, faster.

Visibility on demand

Our technology allows driver partners to see a heat map to discover live, high demand areas. This means more bookings, more earnings for our partners.

Increased jobs

By using a Bykea, handymen like electricians, plumbers, cooks, auto repairmen and cleaning staff have the flexibility of work and the opportunity to increase the number of jobs they can do in a single day.

Standardized fares

Bykea allows for fares to be standardized so that customers need not haggle for pricing thereby bringing trust and reliability to services and trade.

Luring into technology

Though our customers can use a feature phone to book a Bykea, its cheaper to book via a smartphone. But by offering a local call center in every geography, Bykea is luring the millions who have yet to migrate to smartphones to be a part of the revolution of technology and transport that we bring to their geographies.

Wider reach for small businesses

Retailers are able to offer their products to customers at their doorstep reducing their dependency on walk in traffic and location footprint. Even small marts or grocery stores that offers credit can expand their coverage area. The availability of cheaper delivery system fosters more entrepreneurial ideas amongst people to create more SMEs.

Asset utilization

Existing motorcycle owners need not park their motorbikes at work unutilized but offer the bikes to friends and family for utilization while they are at work. Bykea can also facilitate connecting vehicle owners with qualified driver partners to make their motorbikes earning assets for the duration of their regular work hour shifts.

Responsive healthcare

Bykea offers faster on-demand healthcare with pharmacies offering OTC drugs and clinics offering Bykea dispatches of first aid staff on demand. We are allowing technology to help move immediate response services to geographies where basic healthcare is not accessible widely.

Business opportunities for homebased women

Bykea allows housewives to market a home cooked/baked food business connecting women to the commercial world in a way they could not in the past.

Better cash flow

Bykea allows businesses to recover cash payments for their goods faster through its cash on delivery services, thereby improving SME working capital. With a faster cash return cycle, Bykea allows small retailers to lock less working capital and utilize the faster recovered cash for expanding their business.

Environmental impact

The environmental impact of fuel efficiency for the economy is significant. It’s not cost efficient to move a single person or a single small parcel in a car or van. The savings to the exchequer on fuel imports will be drastically reduced as motorcycles are used burning less fuel.

Tracking increases security

The more vehicles are tracked, the easier it is for insurance companies to offer cheaper insurance of goods and humans. Bykea helps put insured lives on the road, reducing strain on both public healthcare and business loss instances.

Decimating financial literacy

The adoption of a cash based in-app wallet allows our customers and driver partners to learn about simple debit and credit and balancing accounts.

Credit scoring

A customer whose home and work and financial transactions we can track is a customer our affiliate can offer micro credit to. Bykea collates data to help offer relevant products and services to our customers and driver partners.

Facilitating the handicapped

A unique example of our service is where a blind school is using Bykea to get its students to and from their homes. The examples of physically handicapped customers who are using Bykea is unparalleled for those that need the service the most, in the most economical way possible.

Access to credit

If a driver partner does not have a motorcycle and needs access to credit, Bykea helps connect with financial institutions that provide easy installment plans or leases. Working as a driver partner assures earnings that can exceed 5 times a monthly installment in some geographies, so partnering with Bykea helps build assets for those most in need.


Students or workers without an owned asset can save hours in a day by replacing walking and taking the bus to a faster and economical point to point transport. Businesses are able to track their employees tasked to an out of office task. They do not have to send their staff on public transport or wait for availability of a company owned vehicle to get tasks done. Office commuters who would otherwise ride their own motorbike to work can now spend their time at the back of the motorcycle stressing less about traffic and parking and perhaps listening to an audiobook for a more productive commute.

Flexible hours

With flexible working hours, employed people can work a few hours pre and post their workshift and college students can work to supplement their income to cover tuition expenses and be less dependent on their families. Our driver partners can work when they want, however many hours they want as our model allows unmatched flexibility.

Financial inclusion

Bykea helps alleviate partner drivers from a cash economy to creating their first ever bank accounts. Though first time customers can use cash to pay for a booking, our model encourages cash top ups to an in-app wallet and learn basic debit and credit knowledge. We also mandate small merchants to offer cash on delivery for the products they want delivered, but withdraw the cash via a bank transfer, thereby helping promote financial inclusion for many that have yet been entranced in the unbanked population.

Use of technology

A wider demographic that currently does not use the internet or technology beyond entertainment and communication is now able to use technology to save money and time and help build a network of a commerce ecosystem around them. Finally, a smartphone can be used as a tool, a mini computer that helps create income opportunities.