Pakistan is a food loving nation and while the food industry generates employment for millions, it is a male dominated space. Go to any Hotel, Restaurant, Bakery or Café and you would almost never find a female preparing the food.
In our homes, it’s a different story.
While our Dads and Brothers like to boast about their cooking skills, they can only show off on special occasions thus leaving the daily cooking to the ladies of the house.

Problem and opportunity

So, considering various factors such as median house income of an average Pakistani lower-class family and number of females cooking at homes, we thought about addressing a major problem faced by the majority of Pakistanis i.e. How and where to get Hygienic and Affordable food during Lunch hour?
While there are options available, not many can afford to spend excess of 200-300 hundred rupees on a daily basis. Options that exists for less than PKR 100, would eventually land one in a Hospital.

BYKEA Dastarkhwan

BYKEA came up with a unique solution and just like we match Riders with ride seeking customers, we decided to match anyone who can cook at home with hungry customers. Apps exist for food deliveries but they hardly offer anything for less than PKR 200, minimum delivery amount often being as high as PKR 500.
BYKEA Dastarkhwan removed the hassle of packaging and cash collection for our home-based cooks and allowed them to focus on their core expertise: cooking of delicious food.
USAID helped us through their grant during November 2018 till March 2019.


Numerous employments and earning opportunities were created for our Partners (riders) as well as housewives during this project and it also offered Pakistani Awam a much needed economical lunch alternative.