WE operate in geographies where there are more motorcycles than cars.

We do not believe the future of cities is more clogged roads with cars. Congestion can be solved with more bicycles, motor bikes or electric bikes.

Smartphones and two wheelers are the two most expensive assets owned by the majority of the people in the countries we operate in. Bykea brings technology to leverage these assets for optimal utility, to bring a source of income to a family otherwise bereft of the power of the internet to make a Livelihood.

We are on a mission to help bring economic prosperity and the most efficient transport and logistics to emerging economies.

Bykea has much to offer!


Driver partners closest to you show up on the map on your app. Once you click to request, a driver partner accepts and calls to confirm your nearest landmark. When on the move, you can see the driver partner approach your location on your app’s map. If you are using a feature phone, Bykea will send you an SMS with the coordinates of the driver partner.


If you are an SME who regularly has to dispatch a parcel or send a document, Bykea provides flexible and immediate delivery with live tracking. Our GPS tracking software allows the customers to track exactly where their driver partner and parcel are at any point in time.

Bill & Ticket payments at doorsteps

In low bank account penetration geographies, bill payments or ticket purchases happen in cash, often a trip to the local bank or mart or travel agent. Bykea changes that where payments can now happen at your doorstep if you choose not to pay through your in-app wallet. A Bykea partner driver will collect cash from you and you will instantly get a confirmation of payment in your phone.


You can now list products and services on the Bykea app and provide a GPS location of their address so buyers can not only call you but also reach directly to your destination on a Bykea!


When you share your promo code with your friends to introduce them to Bykea to use the service for a first free ride, you earn money that automatically gets topped to your wallet. The more friends you gift a free ride to, the more money you earn!


Bykea is a third the cost of a car ride. If you want to get anywhere immediately, there is no cheaper way to get from point A to point B than Bykea.


Rest assured that your entire commute or the delivery of your documents or parcel are insured. If you have ensured that the address is correct and a recipient is available, a Bykea will assure that your parcel will reach its recipient faster than any logistics company in your city.


In congested cities, using a Bykea allows you to beat traffic safely and certainly. Get to your destination or send a parcel to a destination, faster, with tracking and the peace of mind of insurance.


All passengers are provided a helmet by our driver partners. You will rate a driver partner from 1 to 5 stars on every booking, as we want to ensure that you have the best experience every time. Our goal is to ensure the most courteous driver partners help customers commute in the safest process. Every driver partner goes through a security check and vehicle inspection. All driver partners undergo a training, test, GPS address verification, reference check and fingerprinting before they can partner with Bykea

Creating Jobs

Our goal is to help create jobs for crowd sourced motorbike drivers. We partnered with USAID's Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority to create technology particularly to facilitate SMEs in the hospitality sector?

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