For the very first time Bykea in partnership with MicroEnsure Pakistan, brings BykeaSure. – An innovative mHealth solution accompanied with free insurance for its valued subscriber and their families.
BykeaSure is a mHealth solution (Digital OPD, Healthy Aap) which provides a range of health related services to the subscribers. Bykea subscriber can avail consultation with doctor via telephone as well as access content on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While on the service, a subscriber will also be provided with free life and health insurance benefit subject to certain terms and conditions.


  • smsDoc (SMS based OPD services for non-emergency advisory/consultancy): Our qualified doctor is just a message away. Write DOC [Space] message to 8331 and the doctor will call you in 24 hours to advise you. This service is not for use in emergencies.
  • Healthy Aap (App for healthy lifestyle): Our smartphone app is available on the Google Play Store. Download and manage your healthy life stylex
  • Simple Enrolment Process: Paperless enrolment process allows enrolment in a matter of few minutes. Your mobile no. is your enrolment no. and Bykea keeps all the information digitally, to keep you away from keeping any document. No medical examinations are required at the time of enrolment.
  • Customized plans: We have customized the coverage according to your needs and designed five plans for you and five for your family.
  • Serve at doorstep: You can subscribe these amazing plans by simply calling at BykeaSure helpline +92518466684, or you can leave your information (Name, Mobile No, City, Address ) here our representative will guide you through the process and collect the fee from your doorstep
  • Financial Protection: The product offers a financial safety net to subscriber against costs of covers defined as per the plans.

Free Insurance benefits:

Bykea customer can pay the fee as per his needs to subscribe to the package as defined under. The insurance coverage will be valid according to the selected fee and payment mode, starting from the date of fee payment.

Benefit Amount - Per Person
Coverage Type Description Bronze Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
smsDoc SMS based OPD services for non-emergency advisory/consultancy
Healthy Aap App for healthy lifestyle
Term Life Lump sum payment on death due to any cause during one year PKR 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 300,000
Disability - Permanent & Total (All causes) Lump sum amount is paid if insured becomes permanently unable to perform his or her occupation due to disability caused by sickness or accident. 100,000 150,000 200,000 300,000
Personal Accident Additional lump sum payment due to accidental death 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 300,000
Personal Accident - Common Carrier Lump sum amount is paid if insured dies by accident while travelling as a passenger in public and ticketed transportation. 400,000 600,000
Medical Expense Reimbursement – Accidents If Insured sustains injuries through accidental means, incurs medical expenses as a result of such injuries, the amount of expense up to defined limit will be paid to the insured person 30,000 40,000 60,000
Hospital Cash - General Daily cash benefit for inpatient hospitalization due to any cause 1,000 1,000 2,000 3,000 3,000
Hospital Cash - ICU Daily cash benefit for inpatient hospitalization ICU due to any cause 2,000 6,000 6,000
Disability - Temporary & Total (Accidents) Weekly benefit for loss of income for inability to work due to injuries 20,000

Fee: You can avail these plans at very exciting low prices

Category Plans for you (subscriber only)
Products Bronze Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
Fee PKR 1,000 PKR 2,000 PKR 3,000 PKR 4,000 PKR 5,000

Category Plans for your family- (Subscriber, Spouse and upto four children’s )
Products Bronze+ Silver+ Gold+ Diamond+ Platinum+
Fee PKR 2,500 PKR 5,000 PKR 7,500 PKR 10,000 PKR 12,500


Plans for you:

  • Individual plans are only for subscribers will cover per person coverage as per the plan subscribed

Subscriber’s family:

  • Subscriber, spouse and upto four children will be covered
  • Spouse cover will be equal to customer
  • Each child cover will be 50% of Per person

Terms & Conditions

  • Duration of the insurance is for 1 year subject to the payment of the applicable fee from the date of enrolment
  • Age Limit: 18 – 65 years for customer and his or her spouse. Coverage will terminate on 65th birthday
  • Waiting period of 15 days upon enrolment will apply for hospitalisation due to illness. Coverage for accidents will start immediately
  • Age Limit: 1 – 22 years for children of subscribed customer. Coverage will terminate on 22nd birthday
  • To be eligible for coverage, children should be single and economically dependent on parents
  • A waiting period of thirty (30) days will apply between consecutive hospitalisations
  • 15 days waiting period for illness from date of enrolment. No waiting period for admission due to accidents
  • Maximum 60 nights of in-patient hospitalisation will be covered
  • All benefits are lump sum except for the following
    • Hospital Cash is a daily benefit
    • Disability - Temporary & Total (Accidents) is PKR 5k per week for four weeks

Modes of fee payment allowed:

Keeping these plans closer to customer need we accept the payment in different modes as defined below

Products Bronze,+ Gold,+ Diamond,+ Platinum,+

  • Your period of registration will correspond to your fee payment mode i.e. annual, semi-annual, quarter

Conditions in which a claim is not payable:

  1. Treatment of pre-existing condition and any disease, illness, medical condition or injury which is a complication of a pre-existing condition
  2. Self-harm is not covered
  3. Admissions related to pregnancy not covered
  4. Murder will not be considered as accidents.
  5. Losses due to natural catastrophes, acts of God, war, riots and civil commotion will not be covered
  6. Attempted suicide, self-inflicted injury whether intentional or unintentional
  7. Consumption of narcotics, alcohol and poison
  8. Cosmetic and dental treatment

Important Information:

MicroEnsure Pakistan (Private) Limited is distributing and administering BykeaSure. Insurance benefits are underwritten by Jubilee Insurance Company, which will be responsible for paying claims.
smsDoc, all health care and medical services are performed only by the licensed physicians. The licensed physicians are solely responsible for the medical services prescribed and in compliance with any and all requirements applicable to his or her exercise of profession. Bykea and MicroEnsure Pakistan (Private) Limited are not engaged in the practice of medicine, whether by and through Digital OPD and do not provide health care or medical services. By using Digital OPD, the customer unconditionally agrees to these Service Terms and Conditions. Bykea and MicroEnsure Pakistan (Private) Limited shall not be held liable for any loss or damage arising under or in connection with advice provided through Digital OPD/healthy aap service.

Claim Process:

  • At the time of hospitalisation inform about the hospitalization on Claims helpline no. 051 – 8 466684.
  • Notify the claims helpline when the customer is discharged. Our representative will help the customer in making the claim.
  • Inform within fifteen (15) days of discharge from the hospital. Delay in claim notification can affect claim payment
  • Claims are settled within five (5) business days after complete documents are received

Death and Permanent and Total Disability claims

  • Claimant Statement signed by the claimant (name, CNIC number, and address)
  • Death Certificate duly authorized Government body (for death claims)
  • Physician’s Statement (If available)
  • FIR and Postmortem report in case of Accidental Death
  • Heir-Ship Certificate to establish claimant title. However, if the insured customer designated the beneficiary after enrolment, through verbal instruction to the Group Policyholder, claim will be payable to the beneficiary appearing in the records of the Group Policyholder
  • Medical record confirming Permanent and Total Disability (for permanent and total disability claims)

Hospital Cash and Accidental Medical Expense claims

  • Claimant Statement signed by the Insured
  • Hospitalization record giving dates of admission and discharge, diagnosis and treatment given
  • Physician’s Statement
  • Copy of CNIC of Insured
  • Police FIR and Medico Legal report in case of hospitalization as result of accident, violence, attempted self-destruction

Accidental Temporary Total Disability Claims

  • Medical record confirming Temporary and Total Disability due to injuries

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can register in BykeaSure?

Bykea subscriber and their families, adults aged between 18 and 65 years, Childern aged between 1 to 22 years, Bykea subscriber can pay a fee and to get benefit from BykeaSure.

What is mHealth solution?

It is a combination of two services to maintain the healthy lifestyle and get consultation from experience doctor over sms and app.

How can I use smsDoc?

Write DOC [space] message and send it to 8331 customer will be charged PKR 3 per sms and doctor will call back the customer to investigate the issue an d provide the resolution or refer to hospital.

Can I use smsDoc in case of emergency?

No incase of emergency you need to visit to doctor.

What is healthy Aap?

Healthy AaP is an smartphone app you can download from google play store and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Who is covered under BykeaSure?

Individual registration or policy will cover only one person and Individual with family plan will cover the subscriber.

When does the coverage start for customer?

As soon as confirmation SMS is received from Bykea, coverage will start. However, in case of admission in hospital due to illness, a waiting period of fifteen (15) days will apply. This condition will not apply if the admission in hospital is due to accident.

Can the customer go to any hospital?

Yes, the customer can go to any registered hospital in Pakistan. Registered hospitals means an institution:

  • Which is licensed as per laws of Pakistan to provide medical treatment
  • Which has basic facilities for diagnostic & laboratory tests, medical diagnosis & treatment, and surgery
  • Which provides 24 hours nursing service comprising registered graduate nurses under supervision of an in-house physician in-charge
  • Which provides 24 hours nursing service comprising registered graduate nurses under supervision of an in-house physician in-charge
  • Which keeps medical record of each patient on a daily basis and allows insurance company easy access to medical record

If customer are admitted in a clinic, will they get any benefits?

Admission in a clinic is will not be considered admission in a hospital. Therefore, customers will not be able to claim benefit of admission in a hospital.

What are the charges for BykeaSure?

Five plans and three different payment modes explained in the product details, Bykea subscriber can opt in for individual or family plan, coverage under BykeaSure starts after payment of these charges.

Are there any limits on the benefits?

  • A waiting period of thirty (30) days will apply between consecutive hospitalisations
  • 15 days waiting period for illness from date of enrolment. No waiting period for admission due to accidents
  • Maximum 60 nights of in-patient hospitalisation will be covered

When a customer’s coverage under BykeaSure will ends?

The coverage will end in any of following cases:

  • When the adult turns sixty five (65) years old, and childer turns 22nd
  • When the customer does not pay the charges to renew BykeaSure for next installment as per the plan
  • When the customer makes a fraudulent claim

Who Can a customer purchase BykeaSure more than once?

Only one registration (individual/ family) is allowed on one Mobile/CNIC no

Who can contact in case of any queries?

For any queries about BykeaSure, please dial 0518466684

How can a claim be made for benefits?

Under what conditions will a claim not be paid?

  • If claim is made due to an illness or injury which was present prior to registration in BykeaSure
  • Pregnancy and related complications
  • Attempted suicide, self-inflicted injury whether intentional or unintentional
  • Consumption of narcotics, alcohol and poison
  • A waiting period of thirty (30) days will apply if after remaining admitted in a hospital for thirty (30) days, a customer is again admitted due to same causes

Who can I contact if I have a complaint for BykeaSure?

Please call 051 8466684 to notify your complaint.